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To the public security, prosecution, defense and other government departments to provide expertise within the industry to meet the world's most advanced military and police communications products in harsh environments


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My Company Developed PeaceEar—— Full Bone Conduction Headphones , has got patents in China, the EU a

2013-08-23Product News

PeaceEar Full Bone Conduction Tactical Headset is developed based on bone conduction technology. It fundamentally solves the problem that radio can not communicate under high-noise circumstance. It is unique in that listening and Speaking are completed by the facial bones through bone conduction devise instead of air medium. Ears-free, no influence on hearing ambient sounds.

     The biggest advantage of Full Bone Conduction Tactical Headset is that it can ensure reliable communication even under high-noise circumstance. It is ideal for use in anti-terrorism, SWAT, police, fire fighting, traffic police, etc.

Video: CCTV "Military Technology " interview bone conduction headphones:

Video : Full bone conduction tactical communications headset applications

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